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How the kitchen can bring positive therapy in a lockdown

The obsession with cooking has become a kind of self-care – one we’ve desperately needed during the long, lockdowns.

During the height of a lockdown, researchers focused on the study psychological and social benefits of cooking they found that kneading a big chunk of dough gave people a sense of calm and control , even as the world around them seem to fall apart.

Cooking has therapeutic value physically, cognitively, socially and intrapersonally. ... Cooking as therapy is effective because it encourages creativity. Cooking also makes people feel good about themselves because it's a way for them to nurture others. For most dishes, there is also a sense of immediate gratification.

people are likely to continue cooking more at home even after the pandemic, and psychologist believe we’ll likely see more data emerge in the future on how cooking affects us. For now, as the pandemic endures in many countries, continuing to stick to your kitchen could be a pick-me-up that so many are looking for. And it probably doesn’t hurt one’s mood to see those Likes accumulating on your perfect Instagram shot, either.

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