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Space saving ideas for your new kitchen

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A well-organized kitchen makes the endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, and repeating a whole lot easier to manage.

Decluttering is the first step to organizing any room, and kitchens tend to collect hyper-specific clutter: That ice cream maker you never use to make ice cream; that too-fancy knife set from your wedding registry, crappy old pots you can’t quite bring yourself to throw away, expired spices, and freezer-burned fossils. So: Get rid of it all.

Out of sight really is out of mind when it comes to food storage. In the cupboard and pantry, make sure you can see and reach everything. You can also group items in your pantry by meal (like pastas next to tomato sauces) so you remember what to cook

Decant your staples

By pouring pantry staples like sugar, pasta, and grains into uniform and matching containers, you not only maximize space, but you also get rid of unsightly boxes and bags and keep everything airtight and fresh to boot. Labels ensure everyone knows exactly what’s what.

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